Aspiring Farmers Ready To Start

Aspiring Farmers Ready To Start
Aspiring Farmers Ready To Start
Vangie Limlingan at the Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees (SEFT) Farm in Teresa, Rizal. She is among grafted Longkong lanzones that are ready for planting.
A group of aspiring weekend farmers visited our little farm a few days ago, probably wanting to get some ideas on how they can develop their own weekend farms.
The group that included Vangie Limlingan said they have bought their own farm lots from a property developer in Morong, Rizal and they are calling themselves aspiring farmers.
Well, we can give some suggestions on how they can enjoy farming on a weekend farm as small as one thousand square meters or larger. We told them that if they want to plant fruit trees, there will be very few trees that they can grow if they plant them in the ground. After all, fruit trees will occupy a lot of space, especially if they grow the wide spreading variety.
So if it is going to be an enjoyable leisure farming with a variety of plants to be grown, we suggested growing fruit trees in rubberized containers. Big and medium-size containers are good enough to use. Many fruit trees can be grown in them and they will produce full-sized fruits. Of course, big trees grown in the ground will produce much more fruits.
But then one can grow more varieties of fruit trees if they are grown in containers. Container-grown trees are much smaller and they are portable. One can rearrange them whenever necessary.
In between the container-grown trees, they can also grow their favorite vegetables and herbs also in containers like plastic or clay pots. Vegetables grown in containers can also produce a lot of fruits given the right techniques.
In the accompanying photo are robust eggplants that are planted in ordinary clay pots. They are robust and are expected to produce a lot of fruits because they are grown in a rich medium of garden soil mixed with processed organic fertilizer (Durabloom) and rice hull. The plants were also sprayed with Power Grower Combo, a plant growth accelerator that also makes the plants to produce fruits earlier.
The beauty about growing plants in containers is that one does not have to cultivate the ground. Even if the lot is stony and the soil has hard pan, one can grow beautiful vegetables in pots and other containers.
Aside from eggplant, one can grow many other vegetables and herbs in containers. These include ginger, saluyot, pechay, cabbage, radish, tomato, camote and so many others.
There is beauty and enjoyment in growing plants in a relatively small property. The fact is that it is very manageable. But there are important things to keep in mind. Make sure that the property is secured. It means that it is fenced so that stray animals and two-legged intruders are prevented from trespassing.
Also very important is the source of water. You cannot grow plants successfully if there is no water. If you have a farm house you can collect rain water from the gutter. Store them in plastic drums for future use when the rains are over.
Make sure you also have farming tools like trowel, spade, pruning shears, budding or grafting knife, sprinkler, sprayers, bolo and whatever else you need.
You should also adopt good agricultural practices like keeping the farm clean, making records of activities like date of planting, date of applying fertilizers, date of spraying which kind of crop protection chemicals and the like. You also need a mask when spraying.

By the way, the group of Vangie Limlingan included Ricky Limlingan, Gabriel Limlingan, Kristine Limlingan,Tim Chuongco, Karline Chuongco, Christian Chua, Katherine Chua, Albert Dimalanta and Cathy Sy.
Aspiring Farmers Ready To Start
Jean Montilla among robust eggplant grown in clay pots. The plants were sprayed with Power Grower Combo for fast growth.

Aspiring Farmers Ready To Start

Aspiring Farmers Ready To Start
Fruiting Perante Orange in a container.
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