Attractive New Kutsarita (Alternanthera)

A densely growing pot of the
new Kutsarita.

This is a newly introduced Kutsarita (Alternanthera) from Malaysia through Bangkok. It has attractive multicolored leaves that are dominantly pink and green.

It is a low-growing variety that tends to develop a dense growth when grown in a pot. It can be an attractive table decor as such.

Usually Alternantheras are used as ground cover. And because it is very easy to multiply, there are excellent money-making opportunities for those who can introduce it in their place ahead of others.

The fellow who can produce a lot of propagations fast can sell his plants at a good price to big time landscapers or to other nurserymen. Nurserymen are always looking for something new, beautiful and with many other good attributes. They are willing to pay a high price for their mother plants.

For use as ground cover, landscapers will really need a big volume for their big projects. However, because it is very easy to multiply, it will not take a long time for the price to settle to a low level. So one has to propagate a lot while there are no competitions yet.

This new Kutsarita is an introduction by Arid and Aroid of Neil Ganigan and Dr. Jay Silvestre.

The new Kutsarita is veryย 
attractive withย 
its predominantly pink color.
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