AUGUST 2017 AGRI MAGAZINE: Novel Sheep Farming Partnership Scheme On The Cover

The August 2017 cover featuring the novel sheep farming partnership scheme.

The novel sheep farming partnership scheme, a project launched by Dr. Rene Sumaoang, is featured on the cover of the August issue of Agriculture Magazine. Under the scheme, the investor buys 20 female ready-to-breed sheep and one male for P215,000. But the buyer does not take out the animals. Dr. Sumaoang who has mastered raising the ruminant will provide the housing as well as the feeds and labor. When the animals give birth (two times a year), the lambs will be divided equally by the investor and Dr. Sumaoang. You will read all about the details in the August issue so make sure to get a copy.

Dr. Rene Sumaoang and a module of the sheep farming partnership scheme.

Other interesting stories include the Ivan mango in Taiwan which is maintained as a dwarf tree, usually about six feet tall so that management is very convenient. Another story from Taiwan is the Tilapia Ecological and Creative Park where the fish is not only for eating. Tilapia is a rich source of extracts for wellness products as well as for leathercraft.

Also featured is Johnny Gatuz, a former OFW who is making more money by growing papaya for its green fruit than what he was making as an OFW in Saudi Arabia. Then there’s a nurse’s organic bee farm in Bohol; Mechanization as the way to make silage commercially; East-West Seeds grown globally and exported to Europe; Sex-reversed tilapia making a splash in Mindanao; Agri-Aqua courses promoted among high school students; A former OFW who grows hybrid rice; and many others.

Dwarf Taiwan mango in Taiwan is very fruitful.
Johnny Gatuz (right) and Ric Reyes posing with fruit papaya for green fruit production.
Mechanized silage making as advocated by Eugene Gabriel of Agri Component Manufacturing Corp. of Isabela.

Agriculture Magazine, published by Manila Bulloetin and edited by Zac B. Sarian, is the most widely circulated magazine of its kind in the Philippines. It is available nationwide through Manila Bulletin’s outlets as well as bookstores and other outlets. It is also available by subscription.

In Taiwan, tilapia is not only for eating. It is a source of extracts for wellness products.
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