AURORA: Exciting New Melon For The Philippines From Known-You Of Taiwan


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AURORA, the exciting new melon hybrid developed by Mr. Pan who has been developing  melon hybrids for Known-You the past 20 years.


Aubregyn V. Ancheta of Known-You Philippines is very excited about a new and very promising netted melon that they will soon release for commercial planting in the Philippines. This is the new hybrid called Aurora bred by Mr. Pan, a seasoned melon breeder of Known-You, who has been producing top quality melon hybrids in the past 20 years.

Aurora has short oblong fruit with light orange thick flesh, very crisp, juicy and sweet, each fruit weighing 1.6 to 2.2 kg. Sowing to harvest is 75 to 90 days. We tasted some during the 50th anniversary of Known-You Seed on December 7, 2018 and we really liked excellent taste with Brix of 18%.

It took Mr. Pan 4 to 5 years to develop Aurora.  Another musk melon that has been selling well in the Philippines is called Sweet Flavor. It matures in just 60 to 65 days from sowing. Many farmrs are growing this variety in the Philippines, fetching a farmgate price of P18 to P20 per kilo.

Mr. Pan and the melons he had bred for Known-You in the last 20 years.


Mr. Pan has also bred Oriental melons which are small, each fruit usually weighing just 500 grams. One of them is Jill with white rind that is also edible.

Of the 7 All America Selection (AAS) winners, three were bred by Mr. Pan. One of them is called Prity which is sometimes called Pomelon because it has a flavor similar to that of pomelo. It is a little bit sour but very desirable flavor nevertheless. It is a favorite of ours.


ZAC B. SARIAN holding Prity Melon aka Pmelon which has a pomelo flavor.


The Pomelon or Prity melon has thick white flesh that is a bit sour like a pomelo but the flavor is very desirable nevertheless.
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