Australian Nubian Goat

Australian Nubian Goat
Australian Nubian doe and her kids.

This dark-colored goat is an Australian Nubian that is being raised at the Alaminos Goat Farm in Laguna for a number of good reasons. 

According to Rene Almeda, the Australian Nubian is well adapted to the tropical condition in the Philippines. It is a dual breed, meaning good for milk and meat production. Slaughter size animals usually weigh 50 to 55 kilos. 
This breed may give less milk than Saanen, the most popular dairy breed, but when crossed with Saanen, the offspring will produce a lot of milk due to its hybrid vigor. At the Alaminos Goat Farm, goats for slaughter are sold at P125 per kilo liveweight. Thus a 50-kg Nubian goat that is sold for meat can fetch P6,250.
Rene Almeda can be contacted at 0905-419-5306.
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