AZTEC SPIRULINA CARES-2: Calling Senior Citizens and other groups!

Pat Puente Rodriguez with bottle of Aztec Spirulina capsules. They are looking for more beneficiaries, especially Senior Citizens

After we posted in my blog the donations of Aztec Foodgrowers, more donations have been made. And they are looking for more beneficiaries, especially Senior Citizen groups who need to maintain a strong immune system.

LOOKING FOR MORE SENIORS – Pat Puente Rodriguez, the founder’s daughter, said that they have already donated to a number Aztec Spirulina capsules to Senior Citizens but they are still looking for new Senior Citizen groups, homeowners’ associations and hospitals to help. 

NEW DONATIONS – This week of April 27, 2020, Aztec Foodgrowers had donated to five new hospitals a total of 21,500 capsules.

LIVE ON FACEBOOK – Aztec Spirulina is going live on Facebook every Tuesday at 11 am. Different health topics are discussed. On Tuesday, April 28, the topic is Colon Cancer and Spirulina.

CONTACT PAT  Her number is 0917-837-5280

Nurse Val works in tandem with her daughter Pat.
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