AZTEC SPIRULINA: Now Available at the AANI Weekend Market at FTI

AZTEC SPIRULINA, considered the most complete food in the world, is now available at the AANI Weekend Market at FTI in Taguig City.The product comes in three forms, particularly capsules, granules and a 5-in-1 coffee blend that includes spirulina and mangosteen.

Aztec Spirulina has been analyzed to contain 72 percent protein by Sentrotek, a laboratory accredited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Philippines. It is higher than the 70.2 percent protein content claimed by an Australian company in its website as the highest.

Aztec Spirulina is cultured under most hygienic environment in concrete tanks under a roof made of transparent plastic that is UV-resistant. The company, Aztec Foodgrowers Corporation, is owned by the Puente Family headed by Napoleon ‘Pol’ Puente, a civil engineer who gave up a lucrative construction business to undertake a business that is less stressful.

Those interested for additional information may contact Pol Puente at 0917-837-7947 or Pat Puente Suanino at 0917-837-5280.

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