AZTEC SPIRULINA UPDATE: Quick response! The Seniors are coming in!

First to respond is DTI director of Rizal province, Mercy Parreño (center), shown here with Ms. Rio Abelgas representing a Senior Citizens group from a subdivision. They immediately received their supplies of Aztec Spirulina capsules for their Senior Citizens.

When we posted in our blog that Aztec Foodgrowers is looking for new beneficiaries, especially Senior Citizens, homeowners and even hospitals, the response was quick. Pat Puente Rodriguez, daughter of the founder, conveyed this to us.

QUICK RESPONSE – The first to respond is Mercy Parreño, the DTI director for Rizal province. She brought with her Ms. Rio Abelgas, coordinator of Valley View Phase 3 Senior Citizens. Of course, Ms. Abelgas immediately got her Aztec Spirulina capsules for her group. So did Director Parreño for her own Senior constituents.

MORE THAN  A MILLION – So far, Aztec Foodgrowers has donated more than P1-million worth of capsules to its beneficiaries that include hospitals and clinics, LGUs and residents of Village East Executive homes in Cainta, and of course a number of Senior Citizens.

MOST COMPLETE FOOD – Spirulina is considered the most complete food in the world by the UN FAO. And Aztec Spirulina is the leading brand with 72% protein content, higher than its Australian counterpart as confirmed by a competent laboratory. The product could help boost the immune system of those who are most vulnerable to stresses like Covid-19, malnutrition, lack of exercise, etc.

LIVE ON FACEBOOK – Aztec Spirulina goes live on Facebook every Tuesday at 11 am. Various topics on health and Spirulina are discussed.

CONTACT PAT  Her number is 0917-837-5280.

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