IN ISABELA: Baby Spowart Has No Problem In Harvesting Rice, In Fact Harvesters Are Offering Lower Sharing Rates At As Low As 7%!

When we asked our friend Baby Spowart if she has any problem hiring workers to harvest her rice, she readily answered there’s no problem at all. In fact, she said, owners of harvesting machines are competing with one another to do the harvesting.

Baby plants rice on more than 80 hectares which she inherited from her agriculturist father in San Mateo, Isabela and is enjoying the life of a farmer. She studied architecture and also made a name in tissue-culturing orchids. However, whenย her father died, she had to take over the management of the big farm.

Because so many people in Isabela own combine harvesters, the competition is getting stiff so that many of them offer lower sharing rates. For instance, under the standard sharing system, the harvester-owner gets 10 percent of the harvest. Now, some are offering a share of only 7 percent. Which makes Baby very happy. She said that the owner of the harvesting machine delivers the farm owner’s share to his or her doorstep already bagged.

Of course, Baby is fortunate because Isabela is the first to acquire rice harvesting machines. It is said that in the last few

years, no less than 500 units were bought by farmers or entrepreneurs in Isabela. And these are used in custom-harvesting of other people’s rice crops.

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