Baguio Veggies for Boracay

Although Baguio is quite far from the tourist island of Boracay, a lot of vegetables are supplied from the Cordillera highlands. One trader in Caticlan is responsible for buying the highland vegetables for Boracay retailers. These include cabbage, carrots, cucumber, Baguio beans, sayote, peppers and others. An interview with a retailer in Boracay revealed that the buyers prefer cabbage from Baguio because it is claimed to have better taste than those grown in the lowland.
Two 10-wheeler truckloads are bought by the Caticlan trader every week, each truck having a capacity of 20 tons. The trader has posted his brother in Baguio to take care of the buying of vegetables. The truck that is dispatched on Wednesday arrives in Caticlan by Roro in the evening of the next day (Thursday).
The truck has reserved space for other items purchased in Divisoria and Batangas. Sourced from Divisoria are spices (garlic, onion) and imported fruits such as apples and oranges. In Batangas, 20 crates of eggs, each crate containing 360 eggs, are loaded.
The trader estimates that the cost of transporting vegetables from Baguio to Boracay amounts to P4 per kilo.
For backload from Caticlan, the trucks are loaded with scrap cartons and plastics for sale to junk shops in   Luzon.
Aside from Baguio vegetables, the Caticlan trader also buys ginger from suppliers from Gen. Santos City, squash and tomatoes from Cagayan de Oro.  

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