Bannawag Editor and His Fruitful Mini Makopa

Bannawag Editor and His Fruitful Mini Makopa
Bannawag Editor and His Fruitful Mini Makopa
Cles Rambaud and his fruitful Mini Makopa.

CLES RAMBAUD, editor of Bannawag Magazine, is thrilled no end by the profuse fruiting of his Mini Makopa grown in a plant box on the deck of their home in Caloocan City.

The small fruits in brilliant red are seedless and are very nice to eat. They are crisp and juicy, especially after placing them inside a refrigerator for a few hours.

The colorful fruits can also be used in vegetable salads to provide color as well as special flavor to salad greens of lettuce, cucumber and other ingredients. In fact, when Josephine Costales saw the Mini Makopa at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal, she and her husband decided to grow the fruit tree for the commercial ย production of fruits that will go with their other salad crops. They bought a lot of mother trees for their organic farm in Majayjay, Laguna.

Rambaud said that he only fertilized his Mini Makopa with composted kitchen wastes. He believes that if he had also applied Durabloom organic fertilizer and sprayed the tree with Power Grower Combo, the fruiting would have been even heavier. Actually, ย his wife ย had picked much of the fruits before the picture posted here was taken,.

Cless quips that with his fruitful Mini Makopa, he hopes that his wife will be convinced that it is time for him to buy his own farm.

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