BEARSS LIME: Topworked On Vietnam Pomelo At The Sarian Farm, Teresa, Rizal

In mid-August 2018, your blogger, Zac B. SArian, obtained scions of Bearss Lime that were too big for grafting on seedlings of Calamandarin. So what did we do?

We grafted the scions on the branches of a Vietnam pomelo growing in the ground for over two years now. We eliminated all the pomelo branches that wee not grafted with the Bearss lime scions. After seven weeks, the grafted scions are doing very well as can be seen in the photo above. They are very healthy and we hope they will bear fruit soon.

The Bearss lime came from the Bearss Nursery in California many years ago. A planter in Davao planted over a hundred trees in his farm and were very fruitful but in the 1980s, the planter had no buyers of the fruit so he just neglected his trees. Fortunately, a few trees have survived and hopefully we could multiply Bearss lime and grow the same commercially in the Philippines. The fruit is very juicy and is usually seedless.

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