HE BECAME HIS WIFE’S NO.2: Memoir Of An Agri Journalist

Beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids.

If Macho Men have their No.2, could women be far behind?

One time, at the Agri-Kapihan Forum, Eric who loves to deprecate himself, lamented that he had become his wifeโ€™s No. 2. Every morning at 4 a.m., even before he was awake, his wife Zeny would slip out of bed to be with her No. 1. She would no longer prepare his early morning coffee as she used to do for many years.

It all started when Eric gifted Zeny with a box full of flowering orchids from Bangkok on her birthday. His wife immediately got hooked on caring for her orchids which eventually became a profitable business.
And so orchids became Zenyโ€™s No. 1 and poor Eric her No.2.

Orchid with brilliant flowers.
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