BELA NOVA: East-West Seed’s Hybrid Papaya Now A Favorite In Brazil

The fruits of Bela Nova are just a few inches above the ground.
The fruit is deep red, thick, with firm flesh, and is sweet.

BELA NOVA, a new semi-dwarf papaya hybrid developed by East-West Seed, is now a favorite of farmers in Brazil for very good reasons. It has a high fruit-setting ability and the small to medium fruit (1 to 1.5 kg) is a size that is favored in the market.

Being semi-dwarf, it is very convenient for the harvesters to pick the ripe fruits.It is unlike the old varieties which are very tall so that the harvesters have to use a platform attached to a tractor to pick the fruits.

The old variety in Brazil is very tall so that harvesters have to use a platform pulled by a tractor to harvest the fruits.
Cross section of the Bela Nova fruit.

Bela Nova has other desirable characteristics. The fruits show a good uniformity in shape and size. Flesh quality is very nice. It has a deep red color, thick, firm flesh of very sweet taste. Moreover, Bela Nova is claimed to have intermediate resistance to Papaya Ring Spot Virus (PRSV).

RIC REYES (right) with Alexander Hanazaki of East-West Brazil pose with a fruitful Bela Nova papaya in Mossoro, Brazil.

Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of papayas. It exports the fruits to the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “BELA NOVA: East-West Seed’s Hybrid Papaya Now A Favorite In Brazil

  1. Sir,l am a small farmour in india .l want to buy 50 grm Bela Nova papaya seed. How can l got it? How many its prices and how can l pay , please give me your bank account . How many days are required from despatched. This is v v argent. Please replies me.

    1. Sorry, we are not the one selling the seeds. Contact East-West Seed. You can get their address by clicking their logo in this blog to get their number. By the way they have an office in India at Aurangabang.

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