BELIEVE IT OR NOT: P7,400 Worth Of Sweet Arils From 3 RedOrange Langka Fruits!

Wendell Sarian posing with 16 packs of sweet and juicy arils about 700 grams per pack. At P200 per pack, that’s already P3,200 from one fruit. From the three fruits, it’s a total of P7,400! Our friend Weng Bienes who got a sample pack said she is even willing to pay P300 per pack! Rich girl ha!

Would you believe that just three fruits of a new jackfruit selection can yield P7,400 worth of clean, sweet and juicy arils or flesh? That’s exactly what we got when we harvested the three fruits of our five-year-old RedOrange jackfruit, first on March 5 and then on March 8, 2020.

The biggest fruit that weighed 20 kilos yielded 16 packs of clean arils, about 700 grams per pack. Some were sold at P200 per pack but most were given as gift to friends for them to taste something we are very proud of. At 200 pesos per pack, the computed value of the arils from the biggest fruit is already P3,200.

The second fruit shown here with Gil and Annie Claridad yielded 14 packs of sweet and juicy arils. The Claridads are planting some in their farm in Batangas. They got some seedlings grown from the first fruiting of the RedOrange harvested in 2019.
One good thing about the RedOrange is that the latex is confined in the pith found at the center of the fruit. There is no latex where the arils are found.

The second fruit that weighed 18 kilos yielded 14 packs while the smallest which weighed 9 kilos gave 7 packs. The three fruits yielded a total of 37 packs of about 700 grams each. At 200  pesos a pack, that’s a cool P7,400 for the flesh of the three fruits!

One of the best things about our RedOrange jackfruit is that there is no latex in the section where the arils are found. The latex is just confined in the pith or the white portion found in the middle of the fruit.

So  we told  some friends that if the mango growers are having a big problem because of the Kurikong menace, they might as well plant jackfruit! But of course, they should plant the superior varieties that are available in the market like the Eviarc Sweet from Leyte, the latexless jackfruit from Malaysia and now this RedOrange from Teresa, Rizal.

(We will post a more detailed story about our RedOrange jakfruit soon. Abangan!)

Visitors from Palawan who enjoyed eating the RedOrange flesh on March 5, 2020. From left: the bachelor they love to call Lakay, Dianne Datu and Arlyn Villawala. They are from Yamang Bukid Farm in Puerto Princesa.
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7 thoughts on “BELIEVE IT OR NOT: P7,400 Worth Of Sweet Arils From 3 RedOrange Langka Fruits!

  1. Hlo sir!
    I am fan. I am a lawyer by profession but love farming. May i faced the same problem with our mango trees( Kurikong Problem) i wish to heed to your advice to look for an alternative. I am interested in the redorange langka. Where can we buy seedlings? I am from Zamboanga City.


    Benjan ilahan

      1. Don zbsarian: nag viral na ang aking post re red arils, saan daw makabili at pati ang seedlings eh kelan daw, kita ko sa taas by June pa., ubos na ba arils?

        salamat po.

    1. greetings!
      sir pwde ho bang maka order ng seed pieces ng redorange langka?
      paano rin po kaya maka avail nung eviarc sweet?
      sana po matulongan nyo ko.. maraming salamat po & best regards..
      romyo tan
      davao city

      1. We are just planting the seeds of RedOrange jackfruit. Seedlings will be ready by June 2020. give us your CP no. ninyo so we can advise you later. We don’t know how to contact Eviarc Sweet.

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