BELIEVE IT OR NOT: This Lawyer Is Billing Me P3-million For The Transfer Of Title To 5 Small Subdivision Lots!

Would you believe that a lawyer who worked on the transfer of title in my name of five subdivision lots is billing us P3-millon for his services? Yes, the lots are found in an ordinary subdivision in Taytay, Rizal. Four of the lots are vacant lots. Two lots are 180 sq.m. each; one is 240 sq.m. and the fourth is 309 sq.m. One lot with 240 sq.m. has a small house. The titles are clean and without any encumbrances. They were in the name of my late wife and myself.

When I saw the bill, I was floored! I felt amused and aghast at the same time! For how can an ordinary lawyer have the nerve to give me such an atrocious, outrageous and unthinkable billing?

How did this fellow arrive at his legal fee? He made his own arbitrary assessment of what he claims is the current market value of the 5 lots. And he arrived at P25-million! That’s P21,758.05 per square meter! That’s really ย unconscionable and unthinkable. And he said that his fee is 12% of his own arbitrary assessment. That’s P3 million!

I am a reasonable person and I am willing to pay what is reasonable. What do you think is a reasonable fee that I should pay? Can you make your comment please about this outrageous billing? I will collect your comments and show to the world how unreasonable the lawyer is.

Send your comments to my email: You may also text me at 0917-841-5477.Thank you, this is Zac B. Sarian, Agriculture Editor of the Manila Bulletin.

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0 thoughts on “BELIEVE IT OR NOT: This Lawyer Is Billing Me P3-million For The Transfer Of Title To 5 Small Subdivision Lots!

    1. Thanks for your comment Daniel. Emails condemning the lawyer are pouring in at my email address: I think I am a reasonable person and I am very willing to pay a reasonable fee for what is rendered to me.This one, however, is starkly unreasonable.

      1. I am currently taking the board examination for real estate broker’s licensure. Some of my professional colleagues note that the going rate for transfer of titles is 20,000 to 30,000 per title. Though of course, contracts are subject to whatever agreements are made…

  1. Well, if you let him do the work without an agreement on how much the work will cost, you could be in for a big problem. His bill may look unreasonable to you and me, but it may look reasonable to him. If you litigate this bill, you might have to pay another lawyer another P3 million to represent you. ๐Ÿ™ Lesson: Ask first how much it will cost. If it sounds too much, ask another lawyer until you find someone who will bill you what you are willing to pay. I am a retired lawyer, and I always resent it when a client tells me my bill is not reasonable. To me, all my bills are reasonable. I am sure that some of my bills don’t look reasonable to some of my clients. And that is why an agreement is reached before the work is done. If the client is not interested to know how much a work will cost, he will just have to pay the bill once the work is completed.

    1. Tama po. My father, who was a lawyer (may God bless his soul) always made it a point to submit an Engagement Proposal with all the particulars detailed before proceeding with anything. That way, there’s room for the client to back out and at the very least have the pertinent information about his expenses.

  2. Don’t Lawyers here have a duty to disclose their fees? Check with the ombudsman regarding his fee percentage and his arbitrary valuation!

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