BELIEVE ME! You can farm even if you are a full-time employee!

That’s me, Zac B. Sarian, with my harvest of Abiu while I was a full-time employee several years ago.

If you are a full-time employee, can you really undertake some kind of farming or gardening as a money-making sideline? Of course, you can if you are really interested. 

AM THE EXAMPLE – For so many years we have been a full-time employee until our retirement in April 2019. And in all those years we have been operating our small farm and garden as a sideline in the periphery of Metro Manila.

Doing your farming while you are employed has its advantages. For one, you have a regular income to finance your basic family needs and some funds for your farming.

 No, you don’t need a big amount to start with. You can start small and expand as you discover what works for you. Starting small without borrowing money is most ideal. 

I collect indigenous economic plants with unique traits, like this Alokon with foot-long edible flowers. Best for pinakbet!
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