Belmont Agricorp will showcase its latest equipment and technologies in the 2012 edition of Agrilink which will be held at the World Trade Center at the corner of Puyat Avenue and Macapagal Blvd, Pasay City, on October 4 to 6.
Some of the equipment include incubators, feeders and waterers, brooders, ventilation equipment, bagged and  bulk grain storage, ship and barge unloaders, commercial dryers and feed-milling technologies.

Says Tony Magno, Belmont’s vice president for marketing: “For over 35 years, our technologies have been utilized by big and small farmers. Likewise, we represent leading companies and equipment lines from around the world. We have  been helping our stakeholder partners in the country address the overall performance of their farms by improving their production chain, bio-security and sustainability. As a result, they have consistently produced high-quality products, achieved better output, sustained more stable revenue and become more competitive in the market.”

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