BENITO MAGALING, the vegetable grower extraordinaire from Lipa City whom we featured once in our blog, is really “magaling” (smart). Why? In what way? Read on.

DOESN’T BUY FARM-READY SEEDLINGS – Well, unlike many commercial tomato growers who buy ready-to-plant seedlings (an average of P2.05 per seedling), he germinate his own tomato seedlings. Just like the case of his 15,000 tomatoes he planted June  2018 in an idle subdivision in Lipa City from which he made a bumper harvest.

WHAT HE DID – He bought three cans of seeds from a distributor of East-West Seed for a total of P4,650. He germinated these in plastic trays using a medium of carbonized rice hull and vermicast. He said that tomato seeds are very easy to germinate. In 18 days the seedlings are ready for transplanting.

BIG SAVING – By growing his own seedlings, he got his planting materials almost for free. How? A can of seeds usually contains about 6,000 seeds. Germination is usually almost 100 percent. By selling the extra seedlings at P1.50 apiece, he recovered most of his cash expenses on the seeds. Hence the seedlings he planted in his farm were virtually without cash cost.

SMART GUY, isn’t he? Yes, of course

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