BENITO MAGALING: He Has A Practical Harvesting System

BENITO MAGALING, the vegetable grower we featured three times in this blog earlier, has a practical way of harvesting his crop for the market.

For instance, several years back ย when he planted a rented two-hectares to Django finger pepper, he programmed that he would harvest two tons every day. He divided the two hectares into seven parcels and each day, he would harvest 2 tons. What he did was to hire 20 women pickers. Each one would harvest just 100 kilos, which can be done in half a day. By doing so, he got his target of two tons in the morning and the harvest is delivered in the same afternoon of the same day to the Tanauan market.

Now in his present crop of 15,000 tomatoes, he hired 11 men to harvest the 1,200 kilos. Why men? Because tomato is heavier than pepper, so it is more appropriate to hire male workers. He does not have any problem hiring male pickers whom he pays P200 for the half day’s work.

Actually, 8 men picked the tomatoes while the three others did the sorting.

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