BENITO MAGALING: His Fertilizing Regime For His Beautiful Tomatoes


BENITO MAGALING, the vegetable grower extraordinaire we featured two times earlier in this blog, is really proud of his present crop of 15,000 hills of D-Max tomato variety in a subdivision in Lipa City. Good weather permitting, he expects to harvest at least 3 kilos of fruits per plant. That will mean 45,000 kilos (45 tons). That will gross him about P1,575,000 if the P35 price per kilo he got from his first harvest of 1,200 kilos last August 3, 2015 stays.

Of course, his gross could be much more if the price escalates; it could be less if prices fall due to one reason or another. Of course, his projected income could not be realized for various reasons. That’s the risk everyone has to take in farming.

You might want to know his fertilizing regime for his present crop. Of course, it may not be applicable to your own situation because of differences in circumstances where you grow your own tomatoes. Anyway, here it is.

He planted his seedlings when they were 18 days old. He did not apply any basal fertilizer because he believed the germinating medium of combined vermicast and carbonized rice hull had enough nutrients. He applied a teaspoon of urea per plant one week later and every week thereafter. After one month, he applied 1 tablespoon of a combination of equal parts of urea and complete (14-14-14) fertilizer. He says, he will apply the same fertilizer every week up to the time the crop is phased out.

He believes that the way the plants look at the moment, he could harvest from his crop for more than two months. If the weather is sunny, harvesting is every other day. If it is cloudy or rainy, harvesting is every four days. He harvests the fruit when there’s a color break. He says that the traders pay a lower price for tomatoes that are fully ripe.

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