BENITO MAGALING: Vegetable Grower Extraordinaire

BENITO MAGALING: Vegetable Grower Extraordinaire
BENITO MAGALING: Vegetable Grower Extraordinaire
BENITO MAGALING IN HIS TOMATO PLANTATION. On May 3, 2015, he harvested his first 60 boxes of ripe tomatoes which sold for P700 per box. (Photo by JP Yap Jr.)

BENITO MAGALING of Lipa City is a really smart vegetable grower. He planted five blocks of an unoccupied new subdivision to 15,000 seedlings of D-Max tomato variety from East-West Seed. On August 3, according to Mrs. Divina Magaling, they harvested their first batch of ย 60 boxes of ripe fruits which sold for P700 per box.

The lesson here is that even if you don’t own a farmland, you can always do your own commercial farming. You have to look for vacant lands that are suitable for growing vegetables. In this specific case, it is a new subdivision that has not been occupied yet. Only one house has been built.

It is wise to rent a place like a subdivision because it is already fenced and security is in place. It is possible that electricity and water system are already in place. Which means you don’t have to spend much on fencing, electricity and water. Magaling would ย rather ย not disclose the particular subdivision (maybe for security reasons?) We are not really sure.

Several years back, Magaling rented a two-hectare farm of a land reform beneficiary. That time he made a lot of money from growing the Django finger pepper, also from East-West Seed. For at least four months, he harvested an average of two tons of pepper every day which he sold for P50 per kilo or P100,000 per day.

Renting land for planting has a major advantage. If you rent, you can relocate your project every time you have to do so. This means you can avoid the build up of disease organisms where you do your farming. This means less expenses on crop protection chemicals.

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