Berba Fruit

Ripe fruits of the Berba tree at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery

BERBA is considered a minor fruit which is usually grown by hobbyists or collectors of unusual plants. It bears small round fruits that turn bright yellow when ripe. Inside are a few seeds which are coated with a white pulp that is sweetish-sour and very pleasing to the taste.

The tree is small with dark green shiny leaves. It can be grown in partial shade as well as in full sun. One three-foot tree at the Teresa Orchard and Nursery in Teresa, Rizal, has been languishing in the last few years for lack of attention (read no fertilizing).When it was sprayed with Mr. Alfonso G. Puyat’s Power Grower Combo last week of February 2012, it produced new branches and then flowers and fruits. The ripe fruits in photo (photographed June 15) are the result of the spraying.

We are programming the propagation of this little known fruit tree by germinating the seeds. It is a slow grower but we have to be patient to wait for the seedlings to grow.

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2 thoughts on “Berba Fruit

  1. There are lots of berba trees at my father's ancestral home in Sorsogon. New trees sprout by just throwing the seeds of a ripe berba fruit. I don't remember using fertilizer on the trees yet they are so prolific.

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