Berba Is Rodius edulis From Brazil


Thanks to Joseph Reyes, he provided the botanical name of Berba which is from Brazil. He says the botanical name is Rodius edulis. When we posted it in our blog (June 17, 2012), a number of page viewers commented. One lady said she used to see a lot ot Berba in her native Sorsogon. Another commented that Berba is very common in Bicol.

Joseph Reyes said that the small fruit tree was brought by the religious orders who settled in Bicol long time ago. That is why some people call it native to the Philippines. Now we know, it is a native of Brazil and its scientific name is Rodius edulis.

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4 thoughts on “Berba Is Rodius edulis From Brazil

  1. Stop that always saying fruits from other country imported from somwhere, why no fruits are native in the Philippines? Those fruits are wild fruits of the Bicol forest.

  2. because it truly is – originally from Brazil. No matter if growing wildly in Bicol it most likely been introduced by foreigners in that area. Otherwise it has been documented properly as a Filipino Fruit Tree. Sorry to disappoint you.

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