Best Paper Award For Dr. Maria Dulce J. Mostoles

Best Paper Award For Dr. Maria Dulce J. Mostoles

Best Paper Award For Dr. Maria Dulce J. Mostoles

DR, MARIA DULCE JOVILLANO-MOSTOLES is the big winner at the recent PMCP National scientific Conference held in Cebu City ย at the Mandarin Plaza Hotel. She went home to her native Bicol with the Best Paper Award for her presentation titled ‘Performance of Stingless Bees in Different Hives Under Different Ecosystems.’ In this paper she discusses her experiences and observations on stingless bees in the Bicol region.

Dr. Mostoles is the Director of the Regional Apiculture Center based at the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture. She is the pioneer in researching and disseminating improved techniques in various aspects of culturing stingless bees.

She and her team have been active in promoting the culture of stingless bees among farm families as a source of additional income. At the same time, she has been campaigning for the conservation of stingless bees in the forests by teaching hunters not to over-exploit the stingless bee population in the wild.

Dr. Mostoles started studying stingless bees in 2001 when she providentially saw a hive of stingless bees in the home of Rodolfo Palconitin of Guinobatan, Albay. Since then, interest among Bicolanos grew and grew. Mr. Palconitin is now a big time stingless bee producer with over a thousand hives. Many others have gone into this venture, thanks to Dr. Mostoles’ efforts in encouraging her fellow Bicolanos to go into stingless bee culture.

Her new dream is to get funding so she could study stingless bee species in other regions of the Philippines. Stingless bees are important for their honey and other byproducts such as propolis, bee pollen and others. They are also valued for their pollination capabilities. For example, Ronald Costales, the top organic farm operator in the country, uses stingless bees for pollinating cucumber grown under green house in Majayjay, Laguna.

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