Best Plant In Show Sold For A Fortune

Best Plant In Show Sold For A Fortune
Best Plant In Show Sold For A Fortune
The variegated Malapapaya that sold for a fortune.

The variegated Malapapaya which garnered the Best-Plant-in-Show award at the recent Horticulture 2014 garden show was reported to have been bought by a business tycoon for a very big sum.

The plant, an indigenous species, is a sport of the all-green Malapapaya (Polyscias nodosa). For reasons we have sometimes difficulty fathoming, rich collectors don’t mind paying an exorbitant price ย for such plants.

What would the rich buyer do with the expensive variegated plant? We could only speculate. Owning the best plant in the show could really feed the ego. It is a status symbol that many other people are pursuing with great effort. The rare plant could be part of a long term plan that will pay dividends in the future.

What could that be? Well, we have been told that the business tycoon is developing his private botanic garden. If he can fill that up with really unusual species, both indigenous and exotics from other countries, that botanic garden could become a favorite destination for tourists, both local and foreign, who would be willing to pay an entrance fee.

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