BEWARE OF THE BATS: They could ransack your fruiting longkong lanzones!

If you don’t bag the fruits, the bats could harvest them before you do.

IF YOU HAVE longkong lanzones trees that are heavy with ripening fruits, make sure you protect them from the bats. They could ransack your fruiting trees and deprive you of the bountiful harvest you are expecting to make when they are fully mature.

UNRIPE FRUITS COULD NOT BE EATEN – The trouble is that if the bats attack, they will not care if the fruits are fully ripe or not. We have been the victim of bats a couple of years ago. We were expecting a good harvest only to find out days before the expected date that the bats had ransacked our farm. A lot of fruits that fell to the ground could not be eaten because they were not yet fully ripe.

SAME EXPERIENCE – Gen. Marciano Ilagan who has a farm in Batangas also experienced the same. Their heavily fruiting lanzones trees were attacked by the bats.

WHAT TO DO – So what can one do? Now, we know better. Our workers are now bagging the fruits. Some of the whole trees are covered with fishnet so the bats could not reach the fruits.

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