BFAR Rallies Donors From Fisheries Sector

BFAR Rallies Donors From Fisheries Sector
BFAR Rallies Donors From Fisheries Sector
BFAR Director Asis Perez

Donors of relief goods for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Central Visayas have been channeling their donations through Director Asis Perez of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

He revealed in an interview (Nov. 22) that so far, about P12 to P15 million worth of goods have been distributed to the typhoon victims through the facilities of BFAR. The latest is the P1.5 million worth of relief goods from CP Foods Philippines headed by Dr. Pinij Kungvandij. This latest donation was sent to Iloilo and Caluya Island in Antique.

He revealed that one of the best ways to help the fisherfolk victims is to provide them with fishing boats. He said that about 20,000 small fishing boats of the victims were lost to the monster typhoon.

He urged private donors to donate cash through private groups such as fisheries associations and other NGOs. The money would be used to buy in bulk materials for making fishing boats. The donations should not be coursed through the government to avoid bureaucratic delays. What the BFAR would do is to identify the recipients.

By providing the fishermen with the necessary fishing gears, they will be able to recover from the tragedy as fast as possible. They could immediately go to catch fish for sale as well as for their own consumption.

BFAR Rallies Donors From Fisheries Sector
BRAR Director Asis Perez (right) during the loading of the donation of PCF Philippines. With him are Dr. Pinij Kungvandij of CPF Philippines and Minister Thanis Na Songkhla of the Thai Embassy.
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