Big Banana From Honduras


NILDA MONTILLA of Teresa Orchard & Nursery shows an opened ripe fruit of a big banana variety from Honduras, courtesy of Dr. Agustin Molina of Bioversity International who introduced the same in the Philippines.
The plant could produce a bunch that could weigh 30 kilos or more. One hand that consisted of 13 pieces weighed 2.75 kilos. That means 5 pieces weigh more than a kilo!
The flesh is fine-textured with mild sweetness which could be good for diabetics and nondiabeticts, of course.
Dr. Molina suggests that you slice the fruit and place atop a cup or bowl of ice cream. He swears it tastes great. It is also great for making fruit salad together with other ingredients. The good thing about it is that the slices don’t oxidize or turn brown after they are exposed to air.  It is also excellent for making banana cake, according to Dr. Molina. 
Moreover, it could be made into banana chips. A bunch could be turned into a lot of banana chips.
We are planting a few suckers in Teresa and we will tell you about our observations in the future. Actually, there are three varieties from Honduras which are all big varieties. They are FHIA 17, FHIA 18 and FHIA 25. FHIA means Fundacion Hondurena de Investigacion Agricola.

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