Big Marketers Want SL Agritech’s Premium Rice

Big Marketers Want SL Agritech's Premium Rice
SL Agritech’s premium rice for export. From left, Henry Lim Bon Liong, Agri-
tech’s chairman and CEO; Leah V. Cruz, an exporter; Sec. Proceso J. Alcala and
Dante Delima of the DA’s rice program.

The first shipment of 20 tons of fancy rice to Dubai from SL Agritech Corporation (SLAC) on  May 6, 2013 has created keen interest from big distributors abroad.

The exported premium rice consisted of Doña Maria Jasponica and Doña Maria Miponica which, according to Henry Lim of SLAC, could be the world’s best-tasting rice. The export that was arranged by the Department of Agriculture also included black rice from Cotabato.

The Jasponica and Miponica rice fetched $1,200 per ton which is practically double the price of ordinary rice varieties in the world market.

As a result of the initial shipment to Dubai, big marketers have indicated strong interest in buying SLAC’s fancy rice. According to Lim, Carrefour, the French marketer in many countries, has offered to buy 100 tons every month. That’s five container loads of 20 tons each. A similar offer was also received by Lim from another company from Hong Kong.

While the Philippines is still importing rice, albeit much less than during the previous administration, the strategy of the Department of Agriculture is to export premium rice that fetches practically double the cost of ordinary rice in the world market. 

Big Marketers Want SL Agritech's Premium Rice
Doña Maria Miponica is soft and sticky. It is excellent for sushi, porridge and other preparations. It can be used for making Rice Pao, the rice-based counterpart of Siopao.
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