Big Money From Super Napier

Big Money From Super Napier
NARONGCHAI DEEPRAMAN and his 59-days old Super Napier.

NARONGCHAI DEEPRAMAN, 58, from Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, is a smart farmer. He used to raise dairy cattle but when the Super Napier (Pakchong 1 Napier) was released two years ago, he decided to give up raising dairy cattle and concentrate on growing the Super Grass (that’s what we thought calling it in our blog posted last June 1, and now Super Napier).

He has planted 20 hectares to this outstanding forage grass and now harvests 20 tons of herbage everyday which he sells to the members of the dairy cooperative and other farmers in his area. He sells the fresh grass at 1.50 baht (about P2 in pesos) per kilo, so he grosses 30,000 baht everyday. He spends 600 baht for harvesting one ton because harvesting is done manually. One harvester cuts 1 ton everyday. The Department of Livestock Development is, however, working on the development of a harvesting machine which could make harvesting easier and cheaper.

With his present good income, Narongchai plans to buy 30 hectares next year to increase his production. If there will be excess harvest that is not sold as fresh feed, he could make it into silage. Silage is very good feed and can be stored for long periods. The longer the silage is stored, the more palatable and nutritious. 

According to Dr. Krailas Kiyothong, the developer of the Super Napier, there are around 20 growers of this outstanding forage grass in Pakchong who are supplying the farmers there. Pakchong is where many dairy farmers are found. Some of them don’t have land of their own but they raise milk animals in their backyards, feeding them with grass and concentrates that they buy. The idea could also be adopted in the Philippines.

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