Big Plans For Horticulture 2014

Officers and members of the Philippine Horticulture Society are poised to stage the biggest ever annual garden show come January 24 to February 3 next year at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.
As early as several months back, the committees formed to plan the details of the annual garden show have been threshing out the details of the event.
The theme of the show will center on the role of horticulture in agritourism, wellness and livelihood, according to Dorie S. Bernabe, president of PHSI
There are a number of ways that horticulture can promote agritourism. In Taiwan, for instance, a big organic flower and herb garden is one of the most-visited leisure farms in that country because it offers a wide variety of attractions such as edible flowers grown organically, wellness products from herbs, souvenir items and do-it-yourself activities.
Aside from the usual ornamental and flowering plants exhibits, Horticulture 2014 will also sponsor a Horticultural Congress where experts will discuss the latest developments in research, business opportunities in plant production, processing of wellness products and strategies in agritourism.
Two foreign experts, one from Bangkok, Thailand and the other from Hawaii, will discuss the latest developments in ornamental plants and orchids.
One other topic that will be discussed will be how to start and manage an organic farm that will attract tourists. The speaker will be someone who has shown that organic crop and livestock production can be a viable source of livelihood as well as a tourist attraction. 
The event will also conduct a tour of selected agritourism and livelihood destinations so attendees could see actual projects that can serve as model for them and other entrepreneurs to emulate.
Several groups and individuals will be showcasing their plants in landscaped exhibits. There will also be a commercial section where the gardening public can buy their favorite plants and gardening supplies.

The officers and members who are preparing the show include PHSI president Dorie S. Bernabe, Remedios R. Santelices, Edna Felipe, Norma Villanueva, Butch Duque, Botchie Canicula, Orlan Velasco, Bong Rivera, Ralph Diaz and Dr. Romeo Gutierrez, a former president.

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