YOU CAN SAVE  as much as P538.75 per 90-kilo of fattened hog if you add probiotics to your ordinary commercial feed. That’s the experience of Dr. Ronaldo Sumaoang, microbiologist and formulator of Fedgrozyme probiotics.

VARIOUS ENZYMES  Fedgrozyme consists of various enzymes that break down the nutrients in the feed so that pigs absorb them faster and more efficiently. As a result, instead of one fattener eating four bags (50 kg) of feeds, the pig will only consume 3.5 bags to attain a weight of 90 kilos in less than the usual 5-6 months fattening cycle.

BENEFCIAL MICROORGANISMS – Fedgrozyme also contains vitamins and minerals that contribute to the pig’s faster growth. At the same time it contains beneficial microorganisms that prevent the proliferation of harmful organisms inside the pig’s gut. This means that the harmful microbes are controlled. Therefore, the use of antibiotics is minimized or not availed of at all.

COMPUTE – Here’s the math of the savings of P538.75 per fattener. Usually, a bag of feed for fatteners costs P1,200. So the half bag that is saved is worth P600. On the other hand, the cost of Fedgrozyme used in the 3.5 bags of feed is just P61.25. Subtract P61.25 from the saving of P600 (half bag of feeds) then you get P538.75.

BIG SAVINGS FOR BIG FARMS – If you are a backyard raiser fattening 10 pigs, then you can save P5,387.50. That’s not bad for a backyard raiser. If you are operating a commercial hog farm taking care of hundreds or thousands of fatteners, that’s a lot of savings.

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