BIG TIME! He planted ampalaya on 9 hectares!

Planting ampalaya can be highly profitable if you know the right production technique. Ampalaya production requires big capital.

YOU HAVE always dreamed of becoming a successful farmer one day but you don’t own any land. Don’t worry. You can always rent a farm that you can use for growing your favorite crops.

BELIEVER – That’s the belief of Feliciano “Ka Sano” Linatoc of Sta. Teresita, Sto. Tomas, Batangas. He is considered the champion vegetable grower in his hometown, if not in the whole province, growing high-value vegetables. He has a few hectares of his own but he would rather rent land than buy it. After all, he said, there are lots of farmlands for rent in Batangas.

RENTED 9 HECTARES – One farm he rented that gave him a lot of income was a 9-hectare property in Brgy. San Pablo which he leased for P90,000 for one year. On November 22 and 23, 2012 he harvested five tons of Galactica ampalaya worth P150,000. That was more than enough to pay for the one-year rent.

NO MARKETING PROBLEM – He harvested his ampalaya every four days. He did not have any problem disposing his harvest because a lady assembler in Tanauan City took care of everything. The ex-farm price was P35 per kilo.

UP TO 25 HARVESTS – When we interviewed him, he was in their fourth harvest. He expected to harvest a lot more because normally, one can harvest from one cropping 20 to 25 times. Thus, the succeeding harvests could be many times over the expenses in land preparation, cost of seeds, labor, fertilizers, pesticides and other expenses.

LESSON – Ka Sano knows his business that’s why he is confident in undertaking big farm projects. Planting 9 hectares to ampalaya is no joke. It involves big capital and if you don’t know the ins and outs of growing ampalaya, you could lose not only your shirt but also your pants, so to speak.

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