BIOMATE FORTE: New Foliar Fertilizer From Chemrez Technologies


A new foliar fertilizer, Biomate Forte, has been introduced in the market by Chemrez Technologies, Inc. This is a complete fertilizer with macro and micronutrients that can be applied on practically all crops like rice, corn, vegetables, fruit trees and plantation crops.

Aldrin Magpantay, product manager, said that Biomate Forte is an emulsified concentrate that contains both the primary nutrients (NPK) and the secondary micronutrients that include calcium magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and manganese. The product also contains specially selected organic acids and chelated micronutrients that are readily absorbed by plants.

Biomate is also claimed to enhance crops’ resistance against physical stresses, pests and diseases. It helps in controlling some pests and diseases, reducing crop protection and maintenance costs. The product can be used in all stages of plant growth, from vegetative to reproductive stage. It can be readily mixed with water and applied on the plants through foliar spray. For more information, contact Aldrin Magpantay at 0917-848-6209,

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