The black-feathered Dominant chicken can be raised as free-range fowl for meat and eggs.


Dr. Erwin Cruz showing the big brown eggs of the Dominant black-feathered chicken.

More and more farmers are getting interested in raising the F1 or first generation chicks of the black-feathered Dominant chicken from Europe now multiplied in the Philippines by Dr. Erwin Cruz, a veterinarian who has devoted much of his time multiplying the European breed as a free-range fowl for eggs and meat.

Dr. Cruz says that the Dominant breed is perfect as a free-range breed for egg and meat production. For meat, it is highly suitable for the โ€œinasalโ€ market because the birds are uniform and are bigger than the native chickens. He says that the Dominant when raised as free-range chicken also tastes like the native fowl.

For egg production, the Dominant breed can produce 260 to 280 eggs per year under proper management. This is much higher than the egg production of native chickens. Moreover, the brown eggs of the Dominant are bigger and because they are brown, they command a higher price than the white variety in the market. It is not unusual for the brown eggs to be priced at P10 to 15 each in the supermarket.

Meanwhile, here are tips from Dr. Cruz for the successful growing of the Dominant breed. For a small farm production, here are the feed and vaccination recommendations.

For free-range meat type and Inasal type, give chick booster crumble from Day 1 to 21; starter crumble from Day 22 to 31; and Growing crumble mix from Day 32 to 90. The birds can be given extra feed like corn, binlid, rice ban, kamote, fruits and vegetables.
For vaccination: On Day 7, give NCD B1B1; Day 28, give NCD La Sota, and Day 48, give NCD La Sota.

For layer type, continue what was done in the meat type above. From Day 90 to 140, feed the chickens with Growing crumble. From Day 148 through duration of the laying period, give Laying crumble.

For vaccination in the small operation, at Day 83, give Fowl Pox and NCD La Sota. On Day 128, give NCD La Sota, and Day 151 give NCD La Sota.

By the way, Dr. Cruz is also encouraging investors to take care of breeders in different parts of the country so that they can produce the chicks needed in their communities in the provinces.


Dr. Erwin Cruz poses with Danilo Hermosillo, a former OFW from Masinloc, Zambales.

For instance, Danilo Hermosillo, a former OFW from Masinloc, Zambales has invested in 140 breeders to produce day-old chicks not only for his own growing operations but also for sale to other farmers.

He invested P90,000 for his project and expects to start hatching chicks for sale early next year. Each day-old is currently being sold in the market at P71. His incubator is already in place.

With provincial producers of chicks, Dr. Cruz says the spread of the Dominant free-range chicken will be much faster. It is important that only the F1 chicks should be raised for egg and meat so that high level of production will be achieved. Third generation chicks will not be as good as the first generation.

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  1. I am a OFW and planning to go back to ph. For good next year. I am interested in raising free-range chicken.

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