FOR THE HOME GARDEN: Grow Malunggay in a Pail!

Growing malunggay in a container has its advantages. The plant is portable and can be transferred to a safe place during inclement weather. Aside from being very fresh, you are sure that the leaves are free of toxic pollutants. SOURCE OF FUN AND FUNDS – The simple technique can also […]

Marshland Made Productive In Thailand!

VISITING FARMS in other countries often rewards us with practical ideas that could be copied or duplicated where it is appropriate in the Philippines. IN CHIANG MAI – In one place in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Ric Reyes of East-West Seed brought us in February 2013, we witnessed how a […]

One Ashitaba Plant Priced at P3,500 at the Garden Show. Why?

At a garden show in 2014, Adela Ang, the lady who brought the real Ashitaba plant to the Philippines, displayed a beautifully grown Ashitaba, the real Ashitaba plant which she priced at P3,500. Why such a stiff price? Adela Ang, a cancer survivor, had mentioned in previous statements that she […]

A Role Model for New College Grads, Other Millennials!

LITO CUBILLEJO could as well be the role model for todayโ€™s college graduates. Why? Because after finishing his commerce course in 1978, he did not look for employment in the office. Instead, he went back to his hometown in Alaminos, Laguna to become a full-time farmer. CROPS NOT PLANTED BY […]

LITO CUBILLEJO: He made money from Latundan!

LITO CUBILLEJO is one college graduate who did not look for employment after graduation. After finishing his Commerce course, he went back to his hometown in Alaminos, Laguna to be a full-time farmer. He took over management of parcels of land owned by his parents that were largely planted to […]

Very Good Research Result Gone To Waste!

WHILE GOING over articles that we have written in the past, one that dismayed us no end was about the research on lowland potatoes undertaken at the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac City, ilocos Norte. 10 VARIETIES IDENTIFIED – The research team headed by Beatriz Malab found that 10 […]

More Luzon Farmers Should Have Planted Durian as Early as the 1980s

IF MORE LUZON FARMERS had started to plant durian as early as the 1980s, there would be cheaper durian fruits available to Metro Manila and other consumers from Luzon today. Thatโ€™s because transporting the fruit to the market would not be as expensive as when sourcing them from Mindanao. CONCRETE […]

FORMER NUN: She got married, became a farmer, made money from raising fighting cocks!

WE INTERVIEWED a former nun about 25 years ago but we canโ€™tย  seem to forget her because of her ideas in making farming profitable. At that time, she was farming on 3 hectares that used to be planted to coconuts in San Gregorio, Alaminos, Laguna. Most people knew her as […]

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