Farming the marshlands in Thailand!

VISITING FARMS in other countries often rewards us with practical ideas that could be copied or duplicated where it is appropriate in the Philippines. IN CHIANG MAI – In one place in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Ric Reyes of East-West Seed brought us in February 2013, we witnessed how a […]


THE OLD MAKOPA variety that you and I used to know is a minor fruit that many people don’t care to eat. That’s because it has a “cottony” texture and is tasteless to fruit lovers. IMPROVED QUALITY – But there are imported varieties that many people love to eat. These […]


THREE PURE LINES derived from what is often called Pateros duck or mallard (native itik) have been developed by researchers of the National Swine and Poultry Research and Development Center headed by Dr. Rene C. Santiago in Lagalag, Tiaong, Quezon. BLACK, BROWN & WHITE – These are the black, brown […]

TALAKATAK: A Philippine Chestnut That Practically Nobody Knows!

FROM DANILO TIU, we received sometime back a report on his own research about a Philippine chestnut that is supposed to be found in many places in the Philippines but which practically nobody knows. Mr. Tiu is a UP Los Baños graduate who is  in the plant business and a […]

WE REMEMBER: The Exciting Aglaonema Days!

THE LATE 1970s is what we would personally consider as the start of the Exciting Aglaonema Days for us in the Philippines who are involved in ornamental plants, whether as a hobby or as a business, or both. At that time there was an Aglaonema craze in Thailand, Singapore, the […]

TAIWAN MUSHROOMS: Lots of them processed into high-value products!

IF YOU VISIT the A Liang Mushroom Garden in Taichung City, you will be greatly impressed by the high quality of the processed products from almost 50 mushroom species. AGRITOURISTS’ FAVORITE – The place has become a favorite destination of agritourists who want not only to taste the different varieties […]

OFF-SEASON ONION: Production under protective structure studied

A FEW YEARS back, specialists at the PhilMech were  conducting an “Assessment of Off-season Onion Production Under Protective Structure.” The objective is to develop a cost-effective protocol cropping system appropriate for farmer level to produce off-season onion. PhilMech is the Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization. HIGH PRICE DURING […]

BEWARE OF THE BATS: They could ransack your fruiting longkong lanzones!

IF YOU HAVE longkong lanzones trees that are heavy with ripening fruits, make sure you protect them from the bats. They could ransack your fruiting trees and deprive you of the bountiful harvest you are expecting to make when they are fully mature. UNRIPE FRUITS COULD NOT BE EATEN – […]

Mulberry Picking Attracts Farm Tourists!

Mulberry farm  tourists from the Philippines. Mulberry pickers from the Philippines. IN TAIWAN, the leisure farms offer a lot of recreational activities to attract visitors from the local cities as well as from abroad. One of them is fruit picking that is enjoyed by both the young and the not-so-young. […]

Mini Begonia Flowers In Your Salad Are Very Nice To Eat!

  WHEN WE VISITED the Taiyi Ecological Leisure Farm in Nantou, Taiwan, our guide picked some flowers of the mini begonia that was so floriferous and told us to taste it. It was good and we liked it. COULD BE NEW ITEM – Our companion who had a farm that […]

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