Bonito Ampalaya As A Money Maker

Bonito Ampalaya As A Money Maker
Bonito Ampalaya As A Money Maker
The Bonito ampalaya is early maturing and prolific. Very good for pinakbet as well as for other cooking. Also good for herbal products.

Here are bits of useful information from a grower of Bonito ampalaya ย in Batangas. Bonito, by the way, is a cross of the small Ilocos ampalaya and the common ampalaya with long fruits. It is a very fruitful hybrid.

The cost of establishing a one-hectare Bonito plantation is about P200,000. That includes cost of seeds, land preparation, trellising, etc.

Harvesting starts 35 days after planting. Planting seedlings grown in a plastic seedling tray is recommended. One can harvest 25 times and the last harvest is 4 months from planting. The yield for as long as the plants are adequately fertilized is 33,000 kilos per hectare.

Viajeros usually offer a farmgate price of P15 to P25 per kilo, depending on the supply in the market. When supply is scarce, like when some areas producing the same suffers from a typhoon, the price could go up.

Anyway, at P15 per kg at farmgate, the gross sales is P495,000. At P25 per kilo, the take is P825,000 per hectare. The margin is pretty good. But of course, how much you actually make depends on how good you are in marketing your harvests. At any rate, this should give you an idea whether you would like to grow Bonito or not. Consider the market, whether they will buy the variety or not. That’s important.

Bonito was developed by East-West Seed Company with headquarters in San Rafael, Bulacan.

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