Bonus for Poultry Workers (Farming Tip 19)

We remember interviewing the late Dr. Roman Kintanar of the old Weather Bureau. Not many knew that he and his wife were also commercial poultry and piggery operators. They used to raise as many as 40,000 broilers as independent raisers in their farm in Tanay, Rizal. They were not contract growers of integrators.

What’s admirable was their bonus system for the poultry workers which kept them loyally working on the farm for many years. The bonus scheme worked this way: 

They set a minimum level of performance. The birds should each weigh 1.2 kilos in seven weeks and a mortality of not more than 5 percent. (Oh yes, the rate of growth in those early years was not as fast as these days.) If the goal was surpassed, the workers got 20 percent of the excess as their share.

Ordinarily, the caretakers got an additional income of P200 to P500 a month from the scheme. That extra income in the 1980s was worth many times the value of the peso today.

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