Botchie Canicula’s Best Ornamental at Orchid Show

Botchie Canicula and his First Prize-
winning fern at the POS Garden Show.

Noel Vincent “Botchie” Canicula is about the happiest exhibitor at the just-concluded Orchid and Garden Show of the Philippine Orchid Society held at the Quezon Memorial Circle which ended today, September 9, 2013.

The reason is that his Asplenium mussifolium (a so-called female “pakpak lawin” fern) with fishtail tips, was adjudged the Best Ornamental In Show.

He confesses that he owes much to the special fertilizer formulation by Alfonso G. Puyat which he sprayed to his plant starting about two months before the show. This is the Power Grower Combo which accelerates the uptake of plant nutrients from the planting medium when it is sprayed on the leaves.

Botchie related that before using Power Grower Combo, his plant would develop a new set of leaves about once every two months. Now, after spraying his plant with Power Grower Combo, at least three sets of new leaves developed in two months. The new leaves are bigger and firmer than the leaves before spraying. As recommended by Mr. Puyat, enough fertilizer should be applied to the planting medium so the plant has something to absorb to accelerate plant growth. Botchie applied a slow release fertilizer to the potting medium.

Botchie said he sprayed his plant every two days but with very dilute dosage. He was really amazed at the result.

By the way, the Power Grower Combo that he used was a gift from Dorie S. Bernabe, president of the Philippine Horticultural Society.

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