As early as the mid-1960s, I had a gardening column in the Manila Chronicle and then in the Daily Express. I joined garden clubs like the Makati Garden Club and a number of others so I can meet garden people and gather materials to write about.

The price of this rare Dracaena could be sky-high, especially if the buyer is a very rich person.
One day, a rich matron approached me with a request. Could I buy plants for her? She explained that if she is the one buying, the sellers would jack up their price because of her financial status.

โ€œMany of the sellers are your friends and would sell to you at a more reasonable price,โ€ she said.

No problem. It was fine with me. In the process, I discovered the eccentricities of garden people. There was this cranky plant collector from San Andres Bukid who would not sell his favorite plants if you go to his place on the wrong day.

Wrong day? Is there such a thing? What is the right day? Well, the right day is Friday. Why? Well, the following day is a Saturday, a horse racing day at the Sta. Ana race track. The poor fellow had to have cash to bet on his favorite horse the next day!

This is a new Caladium in the collection of Vic Chin. Because it is something new, it is expensive.
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