He Should have Bought The Well-Developed Farm

The expat would have enjoyed his farming better if he had bought the well-developed farm.

An expat married to a Filipina was confronted with two choices on buying a farm. He came to us several years back, asking us whether he should buy a 20-hectare undeveloped land in San Juan, Batangas, or a two-hectare weekend farm that was already full of fruit-bearing trees in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, a town that is very much nearer to Manila than San Juan.

He said the two-hectare property was two times dearer than the 20-hectare raw land. Eventually, he bought the raw land. A few years later, he came back to us. He said he should have bought the two-hectare well-developed farm in Sto. Tomas.

Why? He said he is already a senior citizen and didnโ€™t have the physical stamina to develop and manage a big farm. He related that the raw land did not have electricity. To have electricity connection, he had to pay a big fortune for the electric posts and cables. He also had to come up with a big amount to put up some form of fencing to prevent others from entering. The water system was another big expense.

In sum, he said, he was already exhausted doing all the things he had to do to make the farm operational. That was when he came to us the second time. He surmised that he could have a much more enjoyable farming had he bought the well-developed farm that did not need any additional fencing, no need for new electrical connection, no need to put up a water system, and so on.(Memoirs of an Agri Journalist, Zac B. Sarian)

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