BR25 CACAO: Bare Facts & Figures

BR25 CACAO: Bare Facts & FiguresWE got these bare facts and figures about BR25 Cacao variety at the DA-BAR Technology Forum and Products Exhibition, August 7-9, 2015, at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. BR25 Cacao is what used to be called Red Criollo Brazil at the nursery in Teresa, Rizal.

These facts were from the booth of the University of Southern Mindanao (USM) in Kabacan, North Cotabato.

  1. CANOPY – 2.85 meters
  2. AGE OF FIRST FLOWERING – 16.12 months
  3. AGE OF FIRST FRUITING – 17.70 months
  5. YIELD PER HECTARE PER YEAR – 2,452.70 kg dried beans

At the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal, one tree readily produces more than 100 pods a year. The fruiting has been continuous from the time our mother tree started fruiting 18 months from planting in the soil.

BR25 CACAO: Bare Facts & Figures
BR25 Cacao variety is now propagated by the thousands at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.
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15 thoughts on “BR25 CACAO: Bare Facts & Figures

  1. Good day. Do you also held an exhibit about the criollo cacao here pangasinan? I already have 15 cacao plants in our yard here in malasiqui pangasinan, of about 2-3 years old… but none of them is a criollo.

    1. The Red Criollo that we used to call is actually BR25, after its DNA was verified. Anyway BR25 is an outstanding variety that is not only productive, it is in demand as an export variety. We have thousands of seedlings of BR25 now that are ready for planting in the ground. They usually start fruiting 18 months from planting.

  2. I wish to know whether you planted BR 25 grafted or from seed, that it started fruiting 18 months from planting. If from a grafted seedling, then how long will it fruit from seeds? Thanks

  3. That is wonderful about the BR25 early flowering as I have thousands to be planted. Are the UF 18 and PBC 123 are they early flowering like BR25 planting from seeds? If not how long will they be productive if we plant from seeds. Thanks

  4. I’m fortunate enough to be able to share to you the origins of BR25 cocoa clone… BR 25 derived its name from Balung River Cocoa Estate of the North Borneo Plantations Sdn. Bhd., Mile 17, Apas Balung, Tawau, Sabah , Malaysia; Tawau being the heart of cocoa growing in Malaysia during the 80s…. In 1985, then British planter and company managing director, John Albert Anselmi, generously gave several BR cocoa clones to Mr Carlos Villa-Abrille of Philippine Cocoa Estates Corporation (PCEC), Davao City.. These includes BR23, BR25, BR 27 and BR 29… In field tests for high density cacao plantings with drip irrigation, it was found out that BR 25 outperformed other clones in terms of yield; yielding as much as 3-4 metric tons per hectare…..Why did I knew these???… Because at that time , I worked at Balung River Cocoa Estate (BRCE) as field staff and eventually assistant manager with its fermentary and dryer..

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