Bright Idea: They Slaughtered Their Own Pigs

While listening to the radio, somebody was complaining about the viajeros who were buying the fattened pigs of backyard farmers at a very low price. They were offering P5 per kilo lower than the price they were buying from big commercial piggeries.
This reminded us about a group of backyard pig farmers in Calaca, Batangas whom we wrote about many years ago. What they did was to form a cooperative. Then they got a stall at the public market. They slaughtered their own pigs and sold the pork in the market. Those that were not sold were made into longganisa, tocino, etc.
Also, their co-op became a part-owner of a feedmill. As a result, they were able to buy their own feeds at a much lower price than if they were buying from the usual feed suppliers.
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