BSD 300: A Promising Inbred Rice

BSD 300: A Promising Inbred Rice
Panicles of BSD 300

Here’s a new inbred rice that many farmers would love to grow for a number of good reasons. Because it is inbred, the farmers can plant the seeds they will harvest.

This is the BSD 300 being propagated by Freddie Noriel of Baloc, Sto. Domingo, Nueva Ecija. In a 1,000-sq.m. that he planted last summer, he got 33.8 cavans of 54 kg. each. That’s equivalent to 338 cavans per hectare.
BDO 300 is an introduction from Indonesia. A fellow from Indonesia has brought the variety for testing in a protocol using probiotics in growing rice. This technique involves what is called abiotic fertilization. This means “fertilizing” the beneficial microbes in the soil so that they proliferate and create the elements that nurture the rice plants. Freddie uses his own concoction which he calls “sangkap lupa” which he learned from Dr. Lino Cortes.
Freddie relates that the original seeds that were sent for trial planting was not perfect. The panicles were long, all right, but some of the grains were unfilled. To improve the variety, Noriel did a series of plantings and in every cropping cycle, only the best were retained for the next planting. The no-good ones were thrown away.
Another defect before was that some of the panicles were not fully exserted. After several croppings, however, Freddie was able to stabilize the variety. Now, the panicles are fully exserted and each panicle has an average of 300 grains, some of them containing more. Even in the wet season cropping, BSD 300 yields high. During the wet season, rice yield is normally lower than that in the dry season because there’s more sunlight for photosynthesis in summer. But BSD300 can still give 7 to 8 tons per hectare.
BSD 300 has other desirable traits besides its high yield. The eating quality is excellent. It could match the eating quality of most hybrid rice because it is a low-amylose variety, meaning it is soft and aromatic when cooked.
We tasted both the well polished BSD as well as the brown rice prepared by Freddie. The cooked brown rice tasted great and so with the well-polished one.
Another desirable characteristic is its flag leaf that is very sturdy, pointed and erect. This is an advantage because the bird pests (maya) that eat the ripening grains are deterred from landing on the panicles.
Freddie is now producing BSD 300 seeds for planting. One of the first customers who has placed his order is Fernando Gabuyo of San Jose, Nueva Ecija who has more than 20 hectares devoted to rice.
BSD 300: A Promising Inbred Rice
Dr. Lino Cortes, Freddie Noriel and Alfonso G. Puyat showing white and brown BSD 300 rice.
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