BUDDHA’S FINGERS: Much Bigger Fruits If Grown In The Ground

Big fruit of Buddha’s Fingers produced by plants grown in the ground by Ramil Rubia.

The Buddha’s Fingers, a small citrus that is more of a curiosity to most people, will produce big fruits if grown in the ground instead of in pots or containers. This citrus is an unusual variety because its fruit is split into several “fingers” that do not have any flesh or seed. Plant collectors grow it in pots as something different, a curiosity cultivar.

Usually, container-grown Buddha’s Fingers produce small fruits. Ramil Rubia of AANI reports, however, that the one he planted in his farm which has fertile loamy soil produces big fruits that easily weigh about 300 grams each. That’s more than double the weight of the container-grown counterparts.

The fruit of Buddha’s Fingers has a very nice aroma. Because of this, Ramil will plant more and plans to make marmalade out of the fruits. Because the fruits of plants grown in the ground are big, significant volume of marmalade could be made out of them. 

Essential oil could also be extracted but that would require a more sophisticated processing technique. Just marmalade for the moment with Ramil.

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