Bumper Crop of Chili: Not Profitable But It Was Fun

Mrs. Milagros Yee posing with very fruitful hot pepper and beautifully growing papaya trees in 2016.

In 2016, Carol, the all-around assistant of Mrs. Milagros Yee, was carried away in ordering 2,000 papaya seedlings and 1960 hot pepper seedlings which they planted in Mrs. Yee’s farm in Lipa City.

Mrs. Yee is the businesswoman who retired from her business at 80 to go into what she calls Pleasure Farming. We featured her earlier in this blog.

The papaya trees were so healthy and fruitful while the production of hot pepper was really overwhelming. They had to hire pickers every few days at P10 per kilo. Every time they harvested they would get a few hundred kilos of red hot peppers. The trouble was that the price of chili in the market was so low at P40 per kilo. It was unlike the previous year when the price was P800 per kilo.

At any ย rate, the P40 per kilo price was just a wee bit above break-even point. Not exactly a losing proposition.

The bumper crop of hot pepper was not profitable but it was real fun for Mrs. Yee. After all, she was out there farming not to make extra money but to enjoy doing something fulfilling and productive. As her son who had taken over the business had told her, she should not worry about spending money on her farming as long as that made her happy. The business she started is doing great up to this day.

Like many other chili farmers, Mrs. Yee did not plant chili in 2017. That was why there was a very low supply in 2018. That year, the price per kilo soared to about a thousand pesos per kilo but then they did not have any chili to sell. ย It was an experience Mrs. Yee remembers with a chuckle.

Mrs. Milagros Yee and her all-around assistant, Carol, posing with their fruitful papaya on November 5, 2019.
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