BY LITO ARENAS: The Crunchiest Ever Pickled Mango We Have Tasted

This is the crunchy pickled made by Lito Arenas of Pangasinan.

Lately, we have sampled the chrunchiest pickled mango we have ever tasted. And that is the one made by Lito Arenas, the leading stakeholder of the mango industry in Pangasinan. 

In the face of the Kurikong menace which has wreaked havoc on the local mango industry, Mr. Arenas should process this superb pickled mango into really big volumes. At the right price, this could become a bestseller not only in the Philippines but also in the export market, especially where there are many Filipinos.

For those who are not aware, Kurikong is caused by cecid fly. The damage appears as ugly black marks on the skin of the ripe mango. Naturally, nobody would buy the fruits with Kurikong. On the other hand, the black marks are not yet seen on the unripe mangoes that are made into pickles.

This is how fruits affected by Kurikong look like with very ugly black marks.
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