C4 PROJECT: Notable IRRI Research Project

AN ONGOING research project at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) called C4 Project promises to significantly increase rice yields not only for the benefit of farmers but also consumers and other stakeholders in the rice industry.

The C4 Project, headed by Dr. Paul Quick, is focused to enhance the photosynthetic process of rice, increasing the amount of energy a rice plant can use to produce grain. The effort could potentially double average rice yields, according to a statement from IRRI.

C4 was one of the projects that was shown to US Ambassador Philip Goldberg when he visited IRRI on October 28, 2015. Dr. Robert Zeigler, IRRI Director General, also showed him other projects and facilities at IRRI such the rice Genebank which currently holds over 100,000 rice varieties which are maintained for the global good and available for research.

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